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Anti-Phishing Essentials – E-Learning

Anti-Phishing Essentials training from GLS achieves the following objectives:

  • Builds user awareness of key types of phishing attacks: spear phishing, whaling and watering holes
  • Enables learners to define phishing and its risk to the individual and the organization
  • Promotes understanding of delivery methods for phishing attacks, including email, phone and mobile
  • Instills best practices on how to avoid phishing
  • Enhances the ability to identify web links and suspicious URLs

The course stresses the importance of personal responsibility and remaining vigilant to help protect the organization. Arm your learners with simple, practical tips for protecting themselves and the organization. By the end of the training, employees will have the critical knowledge they need to keep sensitive business information secure from phishing s

Anti-Phishing Essentials (Interactive – Gamification)

Round 1: Fact or Fiction?

Round 2: Saving Sam

Round 3: Security Showdown

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