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Business Analysis For Agile (DevOps)

Business for Agile (DevOps) provides the in-depth business understanding of the relation between technology and business. The education is based on the 4Dimensions Transformation Framework’s Platform Dimension.

The course will enable the participant to work seamlessly together with subject matter experts and middle management in the business organisation and in this way ensure the optimal business fit and value generation of the DevOps.

The imensions Business for Agile (DevOps) training in understanding the dynamics of an organisation.

The course is a must-have for product owners and teamleads who are supposed to bridge the gap between business and IT.

  • Learn the terms, jargon, and impact of business intelligence and data analytics.
  • Gain knowledge of the scope and application of data analysis.
  • Understand the impact of analytics on gaining competitive advantage and decision support.
  • Explore ways to measure the performance of and improvement opportunities for business Processes.
  • Be able to describe the need for tracking and identifying the root causes of deviation or failure.
  • Learn the basic Principles, properties, and application of probability theory and the normal distribution.
  • IThe Course will cover the following subjects·     Conent of User Stories·     Identification of change initiatives·     Secification of deliverables

    ·     Identification of Minimal Viables Services

    ·     Definition of Sprints

    ·     Building the business case

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