Project Description

Business Analyst Bootcamp

Business Analyst training course will give you hands-on experience with the latest proven techniques for identifying a project’s scope, developing and discovering requirements and uses cases, and documenting them expertly. Lively lectures combined with insightful demonstrations and realistic practice exercises will provide you with the competence and confidence to improve project outcomes through better requirements elicitation and use case development. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the challenges faced in defining correct requirements, practical approaches for eliciting and documenting requirements, and strategies for managing requirements throughout the project life cycle. If you play a role in defining project scope, capturing requirements, or managing project scope, you can’t afford to miss this course!

Learning Objectives :

  • Bridge the expectations gap between business stakeholders and technology solution providers
  • Enhance business analysis techniques to reduce project cost
  • Implement practical methods for understanding user requirements
  • Improve your requirements elicitation, development and documentation
  • Understand and describe the business environment in which a project exists
  • Explore proven tactics for managing project scope
  • Focus on discovering root causes, not just symptoms
  • Gain tools and techniques for developing more precise requirements
  • Practice state-of-the-art business and system modeling techniques
  • Organize and categorize project requirements
  • Quickly identify accurate use cases for new or enhanced business systems
  • Produce high-quality, readable use case documentation
  • Avoid common use case traps and pitfalls
  • Overcome real-world challenges that confront today’s Business Analysts

Target Audience :

  • Business customer, user or partner
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Manager or Team Leader
  • Systems Architect or Designer
  • IT Manager/Director
  • Systems or Application Developer
  • QA Professional
  • Systems Tester
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their business analysis skills
    • elicitation techniques
    • Decompose processes to lowest levels
    • Document analysis
    • Modeling processes to generate interview questions
    • Interviewing the stakeholders
    • Documenting the interview and resulting requirements
    • Adding detail to requirements we already have
    • Refine and rewrite for clarity
    • Practice sessions

    Documenting Requirements with Use Cases

    • Use case basics
    • Ways to identify use cases
    • Use cases and requirements
    • Usage narrative
    • Anatomy of a fully dressed use case
    • Writing effective use case narratives
    • Understanding sub-use cases
    • Linking use cases for larger or more complex systems
    • Use case quality
    • Avoiding common traps and pitfalls
    • Practice sessions

    Packaging and Presenting Requirements

    • Organizing and packaging requirements
    • Presenting requirements for review
    • Baselining the requirements
    • Getting to consensus and approval
    • Conduct formal and informal reviews
    • Documenting requirements in a Requirements Specification
    • Practice sessions

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