Project Description

Certified Virtualization Security Expert – ELearning

This series covers everything you need to know becoming a Certified Virtualization Security Expert. Students will learn about routing and the security design of VMware, Remote DataStore security, Penetration Testing 101, information gathering, scanning and enumeration, penetration testing and the tools of the trade, DMZ virtualization and common attack vectors, hardening your ESX server, hardening your ESXi server, hardening your vCenter server, and 3rd party mitigation tools.

Course Outline :

  1. Introduction to Networking
  2. Virtual Network Security
  3. Remote Access
  4. Linux
  5. The Virtualization Layer
  6. Page Sharing and Isolation
  7. Virtual Switches and Ports
  8. Remote Data Store Security
  9. Exploits and Malware
  10. Penetration Testing
  11. Footprinting
  12. Port Scanning
  13. Enumeration
  14. Vulnerability Scanners
  15. Password Cracking
  16. Pen Testing Tools
  17. Virtualized DMZ
  18. Common Attack Vectors
  19. Hardening VMs
  20. Verify File Permissions
  21. Configure Service Console and Firewall
  22. Service Console
  23. Control Access
  24. Control Access Part 2
  25. Configure ESX
  26. Hardening an ESXi Server
  27. Hardening Virtua lCenter
  28. Hardening Virtual Center Demo
  29. Hardening Virtual Center Demo Part 2
  30. Third Party Mitigation Tools

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