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The IAITAM IT Asset Disposition (CITAD) certification Course prepares individuals to manage the IT asset disposal Process within an organization. Best Practices in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) are broken down from policy Management and data security to chain of custody transitioning. Attendees whose job responsibilities include ITAD will know how to avoid Risk of data loss and the public exposure that surrounds a breakdown in ITAD Process Management. ITAD Best Practices, financial return, data security global implications and the importance of vendor Management are just a few of the topics incorporated in the CITAD Course. With IAITAM’s ITAD Best Practices, ITAD will no longer be viewed as corporate overhead, but rather a profit center and area of Risk mitigation.

What You Will Learn(IAITAM IT Asset Disposition)

  • Implement and build a decision Process for the selection of devices for disposal, coordinating with ITAM Processes such as a refresh and with the help desk Processes for services requiring replacement of devices.
  • Maintain visibility into hardware inventory in storage and throughout the disposal Processes, building controls for physical and data security to reduce opportunities for theft of devices or the data on the devices from initial movement through final disposal.
  • Use data collection, automation and tagging to document the disposal path taken for any specific device.
  • Develop, implement and promote program elements such as Policies, Processes, procedures and measurements for hardware disposition.
  • Ensure that all parties understand and adhere to legal Requirements for data security, health and safety, recycling and disposal, along with any other legislated Requirements impacting final disposition.
  • Provide the correct data erasure and disposal techniques for the specific device and the one that generates the maximum value with acceptable Risk.
  • Develop due diligence Processes to select vendors and as a source of contractual language so that contracts clearly lay out responsibilities for the vendor as well as the organization.
  • Utilize appropriately trained resources or assures that vendors utilize the correct resources to conduct each aspect of the disposal Processes.
  • Plan and participate in the Management of the hardware portfolio when disposal is involved so that the organization’s efficiency, performance and Goals are met or improved.
  • Provide strategic direction and robust attention to the details surrounding the selection of ITAD vendors and maintain an ongoing Vendor Management program.
  • Empower, train and support all assigned Asset Management personnel.
  • Build and nurture productive relationships with all other business units, including those interacting with the IT business functions and customers.
  • Encourage and maintain executive Management support through goal alignment, measurement and communication of results.
  • Develop communication plans to increase employee awareness of environmental Goals and organizational sustainability programs.
  • Conduct responsibilities and tasks in support of Hardware Asset Management and the CITAM.

Target Audience(IAITAM IT Asset Disposition):

The CITAD Course is designed for those individuals with minimal to no experience in the field of Asset Management. It is essential Learning for those responsible for ITAD programs and other IT professionals involved in asset Management, resource budgeting, finance, software licensing, contract Management and strategic planning. Although there are no prerequisites, some knowledge of an organization’s life cycle Management is encouraged.


IAITAM IT Asset Disposition (CITAD) certification

  • IT Asset Disposition Best Practices
  • Introduction and Program Management
  • Disposition Overview
  • Governance of Electronic Disposal
  • Foundations for Disposal Management
  • The Removal Processes
  • The Disposition Processes
  • Working with Vendors
  • Financial Management and Measurements

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